Task Sequence Error 0x00004005

I was tasked with capturing an image from a Dell Venue tablet that had Windows 10 installed on it. To capture the image using System Center I attempted to run the utility from a flash drive, and received the following error message.

Task Sequence: Image Capture Wizard has failed with the error code (0x00004005).
For more information, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.

This error was thrown when the system was trying to do the sysprep. I looked at the logs located at c:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\Panther\setupact.txt, and I found that it was causing an error about the drive being encrypted with bitlocker.

When I went in to the drive, the only option I had was to Turn on bitlocker. Apparently, the drive was encrypted, but bitlocker was not turned on yet. I then turned on bitlocker which took about 2 seconds. Once that was done, I turned off bitlocker which decrypted the drive.

Ran the capture wizard again, and received the same error again. Checked the logs and this time it was because an application was installed on the system for just the logged in user, and not for all users. Apparently, that will also cause this error message. I opted to capture the image using a custom task sequence using the MDT add-ins for SCCM.


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